Where Can I Source Frozen Bulk Organic French Fries for my Frozen Food Company?


We are a frozen food company looking to source frozen bulk organic French fries. We are looking for a list of companies that produce French fries in Idaho and thought you might be able to assist us.


Here is a link to all the Idaho potato processors, representing frozen, fresh and dehydrated potato products: https://idahopotato.com/directory/processors. The majors for frozen fries are Simplot, Lamb Weston and McCain. While I am not aware of any selling organic French fries, www.potatopro.com calls out McCain as having organic fries and Lamb Weston with the Alexia Organic brand: http://www.alexiafoods.com/organic. Also, Cavendish has them but does not have a facility in Idaho: https://www.cascadianfarm.com/products/frozen-potatoes/all/straight-cut-french-fries.